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DERMEDICa is a brand whose driving force is the expertise of its dermatologists. The formulas of the products are developed through the use of global innovations and the newest trends in dermatology. DERMEDIC’s participation in international congresses, dermatological symposiums and cosmetic trade fairs has won the trust of a demanding market and made DERMEDIC an expert in the specialist care of sensitive skin. DERMEDIC dermocosmetics have the approval and recommendation of the best dermatologists in Europe and beyond.

Dermocosmetics are specialist skin care products available from pharmacies.

They are recommended for sensitive, allergic and problematic skin, e.g. skin susceptible to acne, capillary, atopic or dehydrated skin. Dermocosmetics not only provide the right level of skincare, but also complement the treatment of numerous skin ailments. They are mainly available from pharmacies. The creation process of the DERMEDIC dermocosmetics centres on the compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) which guarantee the highest manufacturing quality.

The manufacture of cosmetics in Biogened complies with the relevant standards relating to the Good Manufacturing Practices.

Good Manufacturing Practices are a collection of actions, methods and procedures which ensure the highest possible manufacturing quality. GMP originate from the pharmaceutical industry, and since DERMEDIC is a pharmaceutical company, it has seamlessly implemented the GMPs into the manufacture of dermocosmetics. GMPs stand for strict supervision and responsibility at every stage of the technological process: raw material supply, warehousing, production, packing, labelling as well as storage and distribution to pharmacies – providing consumers with comfort and ensuring the highest quality of the products and safety of the manufactured material.

The DERMEDIC dermocosmetics are manufactured using water with the highest grade of purity.

This is a result of water treatment by means of the process of reverse osmosis, during which the water is filtered to remove all types of impurities as well as substances with allergenic potential and irritants. The use of water treated with reverse osmosis is of crucial importance to sensitive skin, and particularly to the skin of children and infants.

All technologically advance cosmetics, and dermocosmetics in particular, require strict safety and quality control measures.

The DERMEDIC brand cooperates with an independent technological and microbiological laboratory which regularly conducts research into new and effective formulas, in addition to developing already existing products. The Biogened R&D Institute performs consumer tests to confirm the efficiency of the DERMEDIC products. In its research and development work it takes advantage of its specialist knowledge and new-generation laboratory equipment.

Recommended by Health Care Professionals
The DERMEDIC dermocosmetics support the efforts of dermatologists to restore the skin’s correct functioning, which is why their effectiveness is necessitated by the high expectations of skin care specialists. The trust placed in the DERMEDIC brand is reflected in numerous recommendations by both dermatologists and paediatricians. Additional recommendations by experts and independent research institutes are to us a confirmation of the recognition of the brand.