About us

It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.


Company Overview

TITAN export – import is a private owned company, working in the pharmaceutical marketing & distribution sector. Our motto is to become “the pharmacy partner” for the Macedonian private owned retail pharmacies. During 2004 TITAN export-import signed a long term exclusive distribution agreement with Pierre Fabre Dermocosmetic – France. The experience, flexibility and the knowledge of the Macedonian market and the unlimited support and the training provided to TITAN export-import by the foreign partner, made it possible to become the leader in the distribution of dermocosmetic products in Macedonia.




Products / Services

We currently exclusively promote & distribute on Macedonian market following brands: Eau Thermale Avène, Klorane, Ducray & A-derma. The next step in TITAN export-import will be to start distribution and marketing of medicines. Regarding this, TITAN export-import is already having negotiations with some European manufacturers for Out-Licensing their products on Macedonian market.

One of the major services in TITAN export-import is providing ideas and support for interior design & merchandizing tips, to newly established retail pharmacies or ones which will undertake renewal of their old type pharmacies. TITAN export-import is the only firm providing this kind of service on Macedonian market.


Number of employees: 6;

  • the General manager, oversees all aspects of the business including (but not limited to) import paperwork, sales and marketing, distribution, client service, and accounting
  • one, Assistant to the general manager, BPh economist. The same tasks as the manager.
  • three, BSc pharmacists, full-time, on the position as medical representatives
  • one, full-time, merchandiser, ensuring that the products are put forward, look after optimization and all arrangements at the point of sales.


  • all the necessary IT equipment
  • four company cars for the manager and the representatives
  • one distribution vehicle for the merchandiser

Additional Information

TITAN export – import regularly advertises in magazines and TV, depending on the brand and product. In cooperation with PFDC we are launching new public initiative: EuroMelanoma week. As an honorable member of the Macedonian Society of Dermatovenerologists, we are providing financial and logistical support. This has provided TITAN export – import with further advantage over the competition. Also, TITAN export-import is a member of the Macedonian Pharmaceutical chamber.